Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need to download or install any software to participate. However, we do recommend using Chrome as your browser to have the best experience.
Yes, you will need to register to participate in the event whether in-person or digitally. Once you have registered, you can simply login to enter the Digital Experience via the login button on the top right of this page.
Yes, all of the content will be on-demand. The digital experience will remain open 27/7 for 30 days. Therefore, you can attend whenever convenient for you.
The in-person event will be held in Toronto at the International Centre. The Digital Experience will be entirely online.
Yes, you are welcome to attend CMTS in-person and attend the digital experience after to watch content you may have missed on-site.
Yes, you will have a swag bag in the digital experience that will be emailed to you!